The importance of dental health in the prevention of certain health conditions

While the majority of people know that dental health is important, many do not know exactly why. In addition to oral health, maintaining excellent dental health also plays an important role in preventing certain health conditions from developing.

What refers to dental health?

Dental health concerns all aspects of the mouth, including teeth, gums and language. Failure to maintain oral hygiene can lead to dental problems such as caries, gingivitis and teeth loss. Poor oral health also affects its physical appearance (decaying teeth, caries, spots, etc.) and breathing. In addition, dental problems affect not only the mouth area, it also affects the whole body.

Why is dental health essential for overall health and well-being?

Dental health can directly affect and contribute to certain health and disease problems. Three of the most common health conditions affected by poor oral health include; endocardite, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Endocarditis – The bacteria of the disease of the gum can penetrate in the bloodstream through cuts and abrasions found in the mouth. These bacteria have the potential to damage the cardiac valve as well as cardiac lining.

Cardiovascular disease – Some experts believe that blocked arteries, heart disease and brain vascular accidents are associated with harmful bacteria found in the mouth.

Diabetes – Diabetics have a higher risk of developing gum disease and other oral disorders because of their weakened immune system. In a normal person, bacteria can be easily removed by the body, while in diabetics, it is more difficult for the body. In addition, people with diabetes are often unable to cure infections and wounds, which can lead to mouth infections threatening life.

Respiratory disease – The bacteria that are in the mouth and throat can go to the lower respiratory tract and cause severe infection. People with certain respiratory conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, have a greater chance of taking a pulmonary infection.

How to maintain dental health?

There are different ways to protect oral health. The most popular methods of maintaining oral health comprise; Practice oral hygiene techniques, using fluoride, consumption of cariogens and regular dental examinations.

* Oral hygiene – Brushing and dental silk is the best way to keep your teeth, gums and full mouth clean. This will also help eliminate harmful bacteria that can lead to periodontal disease and other dental health problems.

* Cariogens – Some foods can help protect your teeth from decomposition. Milk and cheese contain both calcium, casein and phosphate, which all help prevent demineralization and maintain strong teeth.

* Regular dental examinations – Finally, regular dental examinations are an important factor in maintaining oral health. Detect early dental problems is always beneficial. In some cases, early treatment can even completely eliminate the problem if it is taken on time. Getting a depth cleaning Once a year is also good to do because it eliminates bacteria that are trapped in spaces that your toothbrush can not reach.

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