Special Learning Needs – Effective Educational Services for Students

15 million school-aged children in the United States have learning problems that public and private schools can not solve. There are 72,000 special education students in Lausd, only. Every day, these students unfortunately sit in class, losing hope to achieve with ever dreams. Students live in pain and shame. They do not learn to succeed students.

Their parents are frustrated in their attempts to find an appropriate education for their child. They tried to work in public schools. They hired tutors. Parents call real solutions.

To prosper, these students need special educational methods that meet their sole profile of forces and needs. But even more importantly, these children need a new mentality of success.

Educational therapy offers help and hope for children and adults with learning challenges such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia and learning handicaps. Educational therapy is an appropriate and successful approach to help students of all ages reach their maximum potential.

Educational therapists use advanced education programs and methods that have been proven to teach students’ learning problems they need to succeed. Educational therapy shows students how to overcome their learning problems and lead a successful life.

Throughout the school years, the foundations of future success are defined. Students learn not only essential skills such as reading, they also learn to value education. But above all, they learn to believe that they succeed students!

When students experience a frustration and a repeated failure, they develop in doubt with the aversion or the mistrust of educational experiences. These negative views influence how many students can learn, at all levels of primary school through the college!

Students with special needs are experimenting with three major learning problems:

Teachers and tutors use the same methods for each child. Children are unique and everyone learns in his own way.

Teachers and tutors generally do not understand how to change their approach to deal with different learning styles.

Teachers and guardians teach only matter. Students who experience repeated academic failure do not lack the underlying fundamental skills to succeed students. They often do not know the best methods of study, how to handle their time or what are the real secrets to academic success.

Teachers and tutors do not deal with the fundamental cause of continuing the powerlessness of academic failures. When students undergo a failure after failure, they develop a mentality that they are “stupid” and “can not learn”. They never give up being a good student! But when students believe they can succeed, they start trying. When they believe they can learn, they start studying. When they believe they can have impressive future, they make powerful choices. Students have the right to believe in their intelligence and their innate skills!

Educational therapists usually start their professional career in special education, child development or consultation.

The Association of Educational Therapists is the national professional organization that defines training standards for educational therapists. There are three levels of adherence to the Association of Educational Therapists: Associate Professional (Level of Introduction), Professional (Experienced), Certified Council (seasoned).

According to the Association of Educational Therapists: “Regardless of the antecedents, all professional members of the Association of Educational Therapists (AET) have encountered rigorous professional requirements in the academic sectors of primary and / or secondary education, the development of the children, educating education, learning theory, learning and educational therapy principles.

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