Advantages of dog coats

Saying that dogs don’t like to play in the rain is like saying that the moon is made of cheese – crazy. While it’s true that some breeds may shy away from the rain, the vast majority of dogs love to play when it’s raining. To avoid problems, your dog can wear dog coats to prevent your dog’s fur from getting wet and the cold rain from reaching your four-legged friend’s skin. While it’s true that dogs have double coats that protect them, constant exposure to rain can cause that protection to diminish because of moisture. They designed rain coats for dogs to be comfortable as companies made them according to the breed and size of each dog. You must know how to choose the right size, or you will end up causing your dog discomfort.

How to choose the right size?

Keep in mind that your dog was not born with a coat, so it is normal for him to want to take it off when you put it on. With a lot of patience, a little time, and the help of some tasty snacks, your furry friend will get used to wearing it. However, if the coat is the wrong size, your dog will never get used to wearing it because it will cause discomfort, difficulty walking, and, in the worst case, a painful wound. If this happens, there will be no snack that will convince your dog to wear a coat again. When buying dog coats, pay attention to how you should measure your dog for the correct size. If you buy online, the website will have a chart explaining this.

It’s not a fashion show

Don’t buy rain coats for dogs if you want to dress your dog to walk down a fashion runway. Your four-legged friend doesn’t care if the colour you chose is trendy or if you want to surprise your friends and family with a “fashionable” dog. Your only priorities when selecting a coat should be the protection and comfort of your dog. Professionals recommend bright colours to make it easier for you to recognise your dog when you go out to play in the park, where there may be other pets similar to yours. If you can’t get a brightly coloured coat, you can buy a collar with coloured lights to achieve the same effect. Finally, check your dog’s body every time he wears a coat to look for problems. Some coats deteriorate over time and can cause damage to your pet.

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