4 pillars of health and well-being

The health system of today unfortunately seems to the development of a generation of people who continue to remain ill and depend on dangerous prescription drugs as dressings on the many symptoms of their illness and their diseases. Several studies have shown that these plastics are known only to weaken the immune system, the bio-energetic field and the critical balance of the human body pH.

Being healthy will forever determine the longevity and quality of life you live. But unfortunately, most people today are confused or are deliberately induced to a variety of unhealthy habits and foods and can even be deceived on natural healing powers of their incredible healing body and what needs to be done. to protect their 4 pillars of health.

1st pillar of health:

Our external bio-energetic field is extremely essential for our external bio-energetic domain, or our aura. This field of energy is quite similar to the bio-energy field which surrounds the earth as a natural defense against the external forces or the invaders.

As the age of the computer continues to rapidly progress with the bombardment of electronic computers, gadgets, cell phones, iPhones and several variations of electronic toys, studies have indicated that our aura of continuous magnetic external protection will To weaken, allowing foreign elements to permanently attack and penetrate our body. In order to continue to be healthy, we need to find ways to strengthen and protect this natural external defense to maintain our 4 pillars of health.

2nd pillar of health:

The 2nd pillar of health is our natural internal defense known as our immune system. The immune system has been created to naturally protect the body of all the diseases and foreign invaders that enters our body and who can seriously affect our health and our well-being in our quest still healthy.

The great irony on our immune system and the disease care system claims to function as our health care system, is that the accepted methods of disease care treatment that is introduced, does more harm to our natural immune system than actually do good.

Our immune system is composed of a number of protective steps and defense agents. Some of these agents range from T cells, B cells, killer cells, TH1 cells, TH2 cells, cytotoxic T cells and suppressor cells, just to name a few. All have been created naturally to ensure that the human body remains in a state of health and well-being by improving our 4 pillars of health.

3rd pillar of health:

The 3rd pillar of health and well-being is our balance of body pH. According to health, it is simply that your body balance is at an alkaline level of 7,356 of higher, as opposed to a level of pH equilibrium less than 7, where all the sick or sick bodies are known to reside. . The lower the level of pH equilibrium, the more acidic it is, and the more the chances of this body are sick.

The natural state of the pH balance of our body is that of alkaline in the range of 7,356. From birth, our pH equilibrium range is that of alkaline. But as we move forward in a polluted environment, including treated foods and too cooked that we constantly consume daily, as well as the very acidic drinks we consume, the pH balance of our body gradually regresses in a state of Acidity and eventual disease.

4th pillar of health:

The 4th pillar of health to health is our way of life. We must have a regular exercise system, preferably daily, but not necessarily vigorous. We need to reduce our consumption of stress pollution, toxins, carcinogens and any other drug or chemicals that can compromise our immune system.

The 4 pillars of health above have always been essentially essential to maintaining the perfect health and well-being of the body. We need to find natural and positive ways to protect our body from the outside inside.

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