Miki Agrawal Showcases the Importance of Maintaining Integrity During Career Pursuits

The founder of THINX and the innovative mind behind TUSHY, America’s best-in-class modern bidet brand, Miki Agrawal has enjoyed a soaring career that has encapsulated many unique moments.

After beginning her journey as a banking analyst for Deutsche Bank, Miki Agrawal would let a major moment in life shift her focus toward innovation. Leaving behind banking and financial analysis, Agrawal would soon find herself on a fifteen-year journey through the entrepreneurial world.

Along the way, Agrawal has been named a “Young Global Leader” as well as one of the “Fast Company’s Most Creative People”

Sharing insights into what makes her work unique, Agrawal highlighted some of the techniques that have led her to authentic success.

Miki Agrawal and Her Current Focus on Tushy

Tushy is a modern bidet brand that found meteoric success during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic wore on and toilet paper began harder to access, TUSHY sales soon skyrocketed.

Agrawal used her experiences with bidets in a mixed-culture household to guide her toward developing the business itself. Agrawal said, “I’m half Japanese, half Indian and bidets are normal in both of those cultures.”

Having used bidets to help overcome her own health issues, Agrawal was able to imbue her work with genuine authenticity. Agrawal added, “I wanted to make the best-in-class, sleek, modern bidet and of course make it relevant to American culture.”

Most Important Skills as an Entrepreneur

To develop a successful career, Miki Agrawal had to lean on more than just her authentic passion for her job. Agrawal knew that she would find the most success in life if she focused on three core skills.

  • Questioning Everything – Miki Agrawal understands that asking questions can be the key that turns the lock of progress. Agrawal stated in an interview, “The questioning philosophy showed up in my entrepreneurial career as I looked to enter categories that have been “set for a long time.”
  • Take Many Risks – Take educated risks and progress will come, at least according to Agrawal. Miki stated in an interview, “Most companies are becoming less and less creative as they grow, because they have more to lose so keep things more even (…) Our team has the opposite philosophy.”
  • Find the Right Team – The right team can make all the difference in the world. Agrawal knew that she was great when working with creative ideas, but she needed help in certain areas of operations. Agrawal stated, “That’s the easy why one of the first things I did with TUSHY was hire my CFO and CEO.”

As far as her concerns for the future, Agrawal hopes to continue building on what she has done over the course of her 15+ year career. Agrawal added, “We’re going to continue talking to customers with accessible, relatable language and using humor to break down barriers. We’re going to continue creating wild, exciting, and beautiful creative campaigns.”

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