List of Tower coolers and their Specifications by Crompton

Air Coolers have become vital home items because they keep the room and workplace cool during the hot and humid summer months. Below is a pricing list for the major Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals tower air coolers. Crompton Air Coolers have become vital home items since they keep the room and office cool during hot and humid summers. As a result of global warming, summers in India are longer in duration and higher in temperature. Summers are now intolerable as a result of global warming; walking outside on a bright sunny day feels impossible owing to the heat. Purchasing an air cooler for a lower middle class household is becoming increasingly difficult as their prices continue to rise dramatically. Crompton air coolers have introduced a broad range of air coolers with a variety of advanced features and specifications, including a four-way deflection swing, blowers, a tap for easy water filling via a small water pipe, a water level display, a powerful air-throw, a multi-speed motor, a window cooler, and a room cooler. Air Coolers offer superior performance at an affordable price; here is the most up-to-date and cost-effective list of air coolers. Crompton tower coolers prices are updated daily to help you make an informed purchase. These Crompton air coolers prices are sourced from leading online retailers such as Flipkart, Amazon, and others.

Crompton Mystique DLX 34 Ltrs Tower Air Cooler in Plastic.

Crompton air coolers have a water tank capacity of 34 liters. It features a sleek, slender design and a strong 130 W motor. There are honeycomb cooling pads available for enhanced water retention and cooling efficacy. 1400 M3/hr of air is delivered. Additionally, the cooler features a strong blower with a 25-foot air throw.

It has automated louvers for four-way air deflection and is compatible with inverters. Thus, even in the absence of electricity, you may have fresh air. Additionally, castor wheels are included for convenient movement. The air cooler is appropriate for rooms up to 165 square feet in size. It features an easy-to-clean body and is rust-free. This air cooler weighs 15 kg 300 grams. A one-year guarantee against manufacturing faults would be included.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Maximum cooling using honeycomb cooling pads.
  • Four-way air deflection through automatic louvers.
  • Compatible with inverters.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Castor wheels provide for effortless movement.
  • Rust-resistant and durable body.


  • This product does not include a remote control.

Crompton Ozone 75-Liter Desert Air Cooler with Inverter Compatible

Crompton Ozone is a 75-liter desert cooler. It works quite well in rooms with adequate airflow. This is excellent for an area of around 550 square feet and throws cold air 52 feet. It has honeycomb pads for rapid and effective cooling. The cooler requires just 190W of electricity each hour.


  • It is a reasonably priced tower cooler that provides rapid cooling.
  • The cooler is also energy efficient, and the manufacturer includes a one-year guarantee.

Crompton Aura 90-Liter Wood-wool Desert Cooler

Crompton is another large room air cooler with a 90-liter capacity. The cooler’s air throw is 45 feet and is restricted to high, medium, and low speeds. It comes equipped with four wheels for mobility, a four-way air deflection system, and a motor overload protection. The cooler is suited for a space of 500 square feet.


  • It has wood-wool cushions for effective cooling and an ice cube compartment for cube storage.
  • Connect the cooler to an inverter to provide continuous cooling.


This article contains all available information on a Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals tower air cooler. We hope this information assists you in picking the finest air cooler for your specific needs.

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